23 December 2004

OS part III

My next step was to get OpenBSD and try to get it installed. I successfully created a bootable floppy with the installation disk image floppy36.fs (which is for desktops, I should have used floppyC36.fs for laptops).

Now what, you might ask, is an installation disk image? I didn't know either. Nor did I know how to create one.

The OpenBSD FAQ was definitely helpful here. Essentially, you need to format a 3.5" disk, download the installation disk image, and then write the image to the disk. Since I have XP, I couldn't use rawrite.com but instead had to use ntrw.exe:

C:\> ntrw floppy36.fs a:
3.5", 1.44MB, 512 bytes/sector
bufsize is 9216
1474560 bytes written

The floppy disk in the a: drive is now configured as a bootable floppy for OpenBSD.

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