23 December 2004

OS part IV

So here I am with an OpenBSD installation floppy and 10 megs of free space to play with on my hard drive.

I booted the floppy, clicked install, and followed the installation procedures:

You will now initialize the disk(s) that OpenBSD will use. To enable all
available security features you should configure the disk(s) to allow the
creation of separate filesystems for /, /tmp, /var, /usr, and /home.

Available disks are: wd0.
Which one is the root disk? (or done) [wd0] Enter
Do you want to use *all* of wd0 for OpenBSD? [no] Enter

By answering no, I am telling the setup program that I want to create a separate partition to run OpenBSD (since I want to keep Windows).

The setup program now loads fdisk, which is used to create, modify and delete hard drive partitions. I immediately noticed a problem: my windows partition consumed almost *all* of my hard drive. I created a partition, but realized it was going to be too small to install the operating system. Forgetting I had already set that new partition as the active one, I rebooted my computer...
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