23 December 2004

OS part VI

I knew from my previous experience that I needed to shrink the original Windows partition so that I could make room for a new partition. Searching around my hard drive, I remembered I had some hard drive programs from Paragon. Ah yes, Paragon Partition Manager. I had never used it, so I figured I should look around a bit before I went off creating and changing partitions.

Before I started Partition Manager, I first did a smart thing (finally) and ran Diskeeper to defragment my hard drive.

Next, I loaded up Partition Manager. My main partition was ~28 gigs with about 20 gigs in use. I had calculated that 3-4 gigs would be plenty for OpenBSD so I asked Partition Manager to resize the main partition to 25 gigs. Reboot to start the process it told me, so I did.

Upon rebooting, Paragon's program loaded and started analyzing files, compresssing and moving files, etc., to shrink the partition to 25 gigs. It looked like it was going to take a while, and I needed to get out of the house.

When I returned, I noticed that somehow (still not sure how) my computer had entered a reboot loop. Windows could not load, and the option screen (load in safe mode, last known configuration, etc.) would time out and reboot. Windows would not load, and the option screen would come up, etc.

I selected last known configuration and Windows loaded...slowly. Panic began to ensue as program after program would not load. They were there, but not working: among them, Microsoft Office (all programs), and several downloaded programs. I made a list and realized everything except Office could be easily reinstalled, which I did. Without the Office cd's I couldn't (and still can't) use any Office programs.

What happened?

Not sure. At some point, when resizing the partition, Paragon must have corrupted some of the data for those programs. Disaster averted, again.
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