23 December 2004

OS part VII

At some point in this whole mess (not sure if it was during the defrag process or partitioning process) my hard drive starting skipping. Now this is of course a bad thing, but I've had a little history with this problem.

While I was deployed, I was using my laptop one day and the hard drive started making this awful skipping sound. I rebooted to the same problem and the dreaded non-system disk error. I shut down the computer and let it sit. A few minutes later, the same problem. So I bit the bullet and packed the laptop away. For two weeks. [Normally you might think, hey, just send it back to Dell--but being deployed does not give you that option if you want it back anytime soon.]

The time, for whatever reason, seemed to be a good thing. I started up my Dell and it worked! I quickly hooked up my USB-to-USB network cable and transferred everything I could to my work laptop (another Dell). Satisfied that I had backed up everything I needed, I shut down the Dell and didn't use it again for the rest of deployment, content that I could send it back after we got home.

Fastforward a few months. After we got home from deployment, I started up the Dell and it has worked fine every since. Until this last few days. It started skipping again so I shut it down overnight and it's worked fine again.

[chkdsk and scandisk don't find any problems with my hard drive, but I'm convinced either the skipping or the partitioning (or a collection of both) corrupted those programs.]
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