23 December 2004

OS part VIII

After letting my Dell sit overnight, I was ready to try again.

I went into Paragon Partition Manager and set the main partition to 25 gigs. Reboot, Paragon's engine loads, resizes to 25 gigs.

Now I'm ready for that OpenBSD boot disk!

Rebooting with the OpenBSD boot disk in place, the install program loaded:

Cool! Let's get to it...

You will now initialize the disk(s) that OpenBSD will use. To enable all
available security features you should configure the disk(s) to allow the
creation of separate filesystems for /, /tmp, /var, /usr, and /home.

Available disks are: wd0.
Which one is the root disk? (or done) [wd0] Enter
Do you want to use *all* of wd0 for OpenBSD? [no] Enter

You will now create a single MBR partition to contain your OpenBSD data. This
partition must have an id of 'A6'; must *NOT* overlap other partitions; and
must be marked as the only active partition.

As you remember, this is where fdisk loads to create a new partition. Previously, my main partition went from cylinder 4 to 3647 (Dell uses 0-3 for maintenance). But my hard drive only has 3647. Now, after resizing the partition to 25 gigs, the main partition went from 4 to 3190. Yes! Ok, maybe this isn't as exciting for you as it is for me...
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