02 January 2005

Gateway part I

The computer that I will refer to as Gateway I is a Pentium 75 Mhz processor running Windows 95 with a 2 gig hard drive. Ancient by computer standards. It has a 3.5" drive, a CD-rom, and a Colorado tape drive! Surprisingly to me, it booted up right away (although slowly). It was partitioned into C and D drives (1.5 and 0.5 gigs respectively). I opened up the case and smiled at the piles of dust (this computer had not been opened in perhaps 5+ years). I installed the Motorola Ethernet card.

I copied a few files off the hard drive to save. I tried to update to Windows 98SE but no luck. The computer was old enough not to be able to boot from CD, either. So let the fun begin.

c:\format c:

Oh yeah, I did it. Fun stuff. I didn't even take very long. No turning back now!
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