02 January 2005

Gateway part III

From the sysinstall main menu, I chose standard installation.

With only two gigs and nothing else to use the drive for, I allocated all of the space to FreeBSD ("A" for Use Entire Disk).

I chose to install a standard MBR because I didn't need a boot manager.

I used Auto Defaults for partition names and sizes.

I chose to install *all* the distribution sets (probably a bad idea as we will see) and the ports collection (also a bad idea given the circumstances; ate up 300M of my 2G!).

I selected FTP server as my choice of installation media.

User Confirmation Requested
Last Chance! Are you SURE you want to continue the installation?

If you're running this on a disk with data you wish to save then WE

We can take no responsibility for lost disk contents!

[ Yes ] No

The obligatory warning.

1 comment:

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