02 January 2005

Gateway part IV

After a few errors I realized that I would have to do some manual setup of the networking options because it wasn't working properly.

I needed Comcast's DNS server as well as some other info was all on my Comcast router admin page.

After plugging in the correct numbers, installation worked coorectly!

I chose mostly "no" to the post-installation questions: gateway, telnetd, anonymous ftp, NFS server and client, etc.

I toyed a little bit with the system console settings but was eager to get moving along.

I set the time zone, Linux compatibility, mouse settings, etc.

Here FreeBSD is much easier than OpenBSD: it allows packages to be installed as a part of the overall installation process. I was aware of the limited space but also wanted to load as much "stuff" onto Gateway I as I could. I selected KDE (and most of its add-ons, XMMS, and some other random stuff.

Apparently though, it was too much. After letting the computer run overnight, at some point the /usr partition became full and no more packages were added. I rebooted, and the OS worked fine but as expected not all packages worked. X Windows loaded fairly quickly, but KDE took several minutes to load up. I was having fun, but realized this computer was not going to cut it...

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