02 January 2005

Gateway part V

Gateway II is a Pentium III 500 MHz processor running Windows 98 with a 10 gig hard drive. When I bought my newest computer, I added the hard drive from Gateway II to my new computer ("F" drive) so Gateway II of course had no hard drive until I found a Western Digital 80G drive for $50! $90 with a $40 rebate at Circuit City. I figured I was going to get a 40G drive but the deal was so good I couldn't pass it up. I also picked up a Belkin Ethernet card at Office Max for $15.

I packed up Gateway I and hid him in the closet. I made space on my computer desk for my CRT monitor and hooked up Gateway II with the new 80G drive installed.

I had already decided I would partition this drive into four 20G segments, so I could install up to four different operating systems. I would also install a boot loader to give me the option each boot which OS to load up.

I already had CDs for Gnoppix and Knoppix (two flavors of Linux) but they were both "live CDs" and did not require installation. I also had the install cd for Gentoo Linux so that was my choice as the first of four operating systems to install on the 80G drive.
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