02 January 2005

OS part XI

Next, you will get a chance to choose your installation media. The options are listed below.

You will now specify the location and names of the install sets you want to
load. You will be able to repeat this step until all of your sets have been
successfully loaded. If you are not sure what sets to install, refer to the
installation notes for details on the contents of each.

Sets can be located on a (m)ounted filesystem; a (c)drom, (d)isk or (t)ape
device; or a (f)tp, (n)fs or (h)ttp server.
Where are the install sets?

If you already have the CD, that of course would be the fastest method. I didn't though, so I chose ftp.

When the list came up, I chose "all" since it was recommended.

Next, the install program downloaded all of the aforementioned files: ~136 megs worth! It took a while. Dialup would be out of the question!

To finish up, I chose the defaults: start sshd(8) by default, I expect to run the X Window System, I did not change the default console.

Timezone was set as US/Pacific.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your OpenBSD install has been successfully completed!
To boot the new system, enter halt at the command prompt. Once the
system has halted, reset the machine and boot from the disk.
# halt
syncing disks... done

The operating system has halted.
Please press any key to reboot.

We're done!

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