02 January 2005

OS part XII

Fast-forward. I've played around with OpenBSD for nearly two weeks now. I've learned some more basic UNIX and figured out various things, including how to add packages: KDE, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, etc. I must admit, for someone who leaned heavily on the Microsoft crutch for a long time, it was a thrill to surf the Internet and send email under a different operating system! Ok, maybe you weren't as excited as me!

I also downloaded the images and burned to "live CD" Gnoppix and Knoppix. Gnoppix is Linux with the Gnome GUI. Knoppix uses KDE. Both are "live CDs" and do not require any installation: they boot entirely from the CD and load into memory. Once you remove the CD and reboot your normal OS returns. I tried both on my laptop and they worked fine. Added them to the CD case for future use...

I already had a Microsoft Windows ME boot floppy with fdisk on it that I was using to change the active partition (I'm still not comfortable installing a boot loader), and I also made a CD of the same variety. I'm still using that to switch between OpenBSD and Windows.

My ~3 gig partition is getting full, too. I need more space. I need another computer to play! Wait, I don't need another computer. I already have *two* older computers! Let the next project begin!
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