19 February 2005

Gateway part VI

Fast-forward about a month and a half. After playing with many different flavors of Linux, I went with FC3 since it was well-developed, well-supported, and user-friendly...

So what next?

A LAMP webserver, of course...

L for Linux, as in Fedora Core 3
A for Apache (httpd)
M for MySQL
P for PHP

I knew nothing about AMP but with some persistance I was able to get everything installed and now I am running SMF on my LAMP webserver! Check it out, here.

Here's how it works: I obtained a free domain from dyndns.org. The domain is associated with the IP of my LinkSys router. The router is set to refer http (port 80) requests to the local IP my router assigns to the LAMP webserver. Pretty cool, eh?
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