19 February 2005

Why are you paying more?

Here is an easy project designed to save you money if you already have broadband Internet.

You probably pay $25-30 for a basic account. Add in unlimited local calling, caller ID, call forwarding and your costs are climbing. How about unlimited long distance? Verizon's unlimited long distance plan will cost you $64.95. But you have a better, and cheaper choice:

1. Call your local phone company and cancel your current service.
2. Goto Vonage or another similar carrier that provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).
3. Sign up for their service; Vonage is $24.99 for unlimited local and long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada.
4. Within a week Vonage sent me a router with a phone jack; within 15 minutes I was making phone calls. Plug your phone into the router and that's about it. Caller ID, call forwarding, etc., are all included.
5. You're done. Happy calling, and use that extra money for something other than the phone company!


JACK ARMY said...

You pose a very interesting idea here... I think I'm going to have to really check this out!

Thanks for the heads up.

theprez98 said...

It is of course important to do your own research...but overall I am very happy with the service.

Always open to questions or comments...