23 April 2006

Fort Jackson, Day 0 (and the events leading up to it)

So once again after a long hiatus the MikeBlog continues. Perhaps the blogging will be more frequent these days, at least that's what I am hoping for.

After being selected for Individual Augmentation (IA) orders to Iraq for a year, I'll try to post timely updates of what's going on. So far, we spent a week at NAS Whidbey Island at the Electronic Attack Weapons School going through a Joint Electronic Warfare course.

After that it was off to Navy Mobilization Processing Station (NMPS) at Norfolk Naval Station to make sure we were ready to be deployed (medical/dental issues and the like). NMPS was originally scheduled for a week, but since Bill and I had already done much of the legwork, it made the process a little less painful and we were out in three days.

Two weeks at home was spent sleeping in (at least a little bit), finishing up a number of projects, and spending as much time as possible with my family.

Now we're on to Fort Jackson, near Columbia, South Carolina, for two weeks of Navy Individual Augmentee Combat Training.

Yes, it's day zero because it's not a full day and it doesn't really count toward any sort of training. Bill and I left State College at 0745 and flew from State College through Cincinnati to Columbia, South Carolina, where we were met by the Army folks from Ft. Jackson. Most of the other folks from RFF 611 showed up about the same time. They gave us a tourbus ride to McCrady Training Center, which is about 20 minutes away from Ft. Jackson, and seemed like about 30 minutes from the Columbia Airport. Arriving around 1400, we sat through several in-briefs from both the Army and Navy, filled out more paperwork, and moved into our billeting. Open-bay barracks with about 40 or so bunks and stand-up lockers. And 4 showers for everyone. Should be fun. The day starts at 0500 tomorrow morning: gear issue.
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