25 April 2006

Fort Jackson, Day 2

Day Two of NIACT at Fort Jackson began with a very early morning (0530) introduction to Army physical training (PT). After that, the large majority of the day was spent in full gear (including those heavy ceramic inserts for the body armor vest!). Total weight is estimated at 60+ pounds, and by the middle of the day it was plainly obvious. Sore backs, shoulders and feet were very common. Furthermore, the temperatures are increasing significantly (I would estimate it was close to 90 degrees F today).

We were also issued our weapons (M9 and M16) and began "Weapons Immersion", which means you have your weapon(s) with you at all times (with a few exceptions). We also spent the majority of the afternoon in Basic Rifle Markmanship, which included range procedures, practicing the various stances, and some tips and techniques to help us qualify once we get to the range.

By 1800 or so we were finally able to get out of our gear, which was a nice reprieve from the long day. After dinner and locking up our weapons, we were finally done around 1930.

Tomorrow we'll continue with the Army PT regimen and also start working toward rifle qualification.
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