26 April 2006

Fort Jackson, Day 3

Day Three of NIACT began with more Army PT. Today it was the 1.5 mile ability run. The Company was split into three groups (A, 8:30 mile pace; B, 9:30 mile pace, and C, 10:30 mile pace). Of course, I was in the C group and expected it wouldn't be too bad. Well, I was wrong. Let's just say the pace was a little bit faster than a 10:30 mile. At that pace, I wouldn't have had any problem keeping up. But since it was considerably faster, I fell back...a bit. I did finish, though! ;-) After talking to people in the other groups, it seems all the groups ran faster than their advertised paces. Oh well. No more running til next week, at least according to the schedule.

After breakfast we headed over to Fort Jackson proper for more marksmanship training. We rotated through several stations: the first discussed the procedures to disassemble, reassemble and clean the M9 (9mm Beretta pistol), as well as proper shooting stance and grip of the weapon. The second station reviewed NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) procedures for donning the gas mask and hood. The third station was M16 firing procedures at close range, shooting blanks from 25, 15, and 10 meters.

After lunch we headed back onto the bus across the base to an electronic range to group and zero the M16. This procedure adjusts the mechanical zero sights to the proper settings for the user. It simulates a 300 meter target where you must group 6 of 6 rounds in a 4cm circle (grouping) and then after adjusting the sights (the computer does this for you automatically at the electronic range), 5 of 6 rounds in the center black 4cm circle (zeroing). With exception to a few computer glitches, I grouped and zeroed reasonably quick and I was very happy with my shooting, considering I've never fired the M16 before.

Dinner was at Fort Jackson and then the group was split between those who needed shots and those who didn't (I didn't, thanks to prior planning!). Those who needed shots stayed at Fort Jackson while the rest of us headed back to Camp McCrady.
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