30 April 2006

United 93

I spent my free afternoon at the movie theater and had decided for a while that I wanted to see the 9/11 film United 93. The guys I went to the mall with decided to see something else, feeling that the film was probably a little too heavy considering what we're doing over the next year (and after seeing the film I don't disagree with them).

There has been a lot said about United 93 and the other 9/11 movies coming out (among them Oliver Stone's World Trade Center), however, I'll stay away from all that. I simply wanted to see the movie for what it was.

While watching the movie I noticed immediate similarities to the A&E special Flight 93. In fact, the movie is pretty much just a dramatic, movie version of the A&E show. I say this as a fact, not as an attempt to diminish the message. There is no propaganda in this movie. There are no attempts as politics on either side. Just the story of the flight, with the other hijacked planes as the background story.

Of course, this one does not have the happy Hollywood ending. There have been and will be a lot of tears shed at this movie. But I do think it's very powerful reminder of what we're doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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