08 May 2006

60s at home, 100s in Kuwait

I was watching the weather today and noticed that Pennsylvania was enjoying weather in the 60s while here in Kuwait the mercury surpassed the 100 mark again and will likely for the rest of the week. The heat is just plain oppressive, and forces most people indoors until after sunset. Now (2328) it's much nicer, in the 70s.

Today was a pure admin day. We filed our travel claims and made sure all of our "extra" pays were started. That was about it. Other than that, most people spent the day indoors, taking a nap or trying to acclimate to both the weather and/or time zone change.

Tomorrow morning a few of us will be getting the crash course (hopefully not literally) on driving the Humvee. Since we'll be starting advanced convoy training tomorrow afternoon, they need to train up some of us on driving so that we can integrate into the convoy movements. It should be fun.

I spent tonight packing for the convoy training (it is offsite and a few days long) and also doing laundry (I should be checking on the washer any minute). Beyond that, it's getting late and I should head to bed to rest up for tomorrow's early start.

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