25 May 2006

Class, Day 2

The second day of class is complete. Without going into much detail, we're learning the basics of the various systems we will be teaching and maintaining. It was supposed to be an "early" day but we didn't let out til 1730 so it didn't go as planned.

The first section of guys are in the middle of moving out to their assignments. Some have already left and others are leaving today and tomorrow. Our assignments are still in the future so no one really knows where we're going. Apparently our preference sheets have been tossed in the trash (and probably a good idea) since we have no idea which units have higher priorities. Once we get those priorities, we'll have a better idea of what is available for us, and then we can get down to figuring out where we're going.

The weather has been the same, high 70s at night and 100-105 during the day. The humidity is pretty low (15-20%) so its not terrible, and there is generally a breeze, but it's a hot breeze (the hair dryer in the face phenomenom I talked about before). We did have a few drops of rain last night and it looked threatening, but nothing else came. It's expected to hit the 110s in the next few days, so that should be even more fun.

Class again tomorrow, so more of the same...

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