27 May 2006

Class, Day 4

More classroom, all day long. We had a short test review in the morning which wasn't very helpful, but oh well. Yes, we actually have a test on Tuesday. The material isn't very difficult so I'm not too worried. Just memorization (not sure if that's the best way to test us, but that's for another story).

The normal booms around the base today and what sounded like a firefight this morning. Can't tell because I am not 100% sure where the ranges are, but I believe it was in fact outside the wire.

As for billets, we received a prelimary list of choices today but I expect that will change at least a couple more times. I'd like to stay in the Baghdad area or head north, but that remains to be seen. I have started making a preference list of billets so we'll see how far that goes.

Well, the mosquitos are feasting now so I'm heading back inside!

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