28 May 2006

Class, Day 5

Surprise! Another full day in the classroom. More briefs, death by Powerpoint, and more gear issue (this time, PDAs; not everyone will get them, but we fired them up to make sure they were all loaded with the proper software).

The billets list is finally shaping up. We divided the class into regions and then each group is trying to pick the billets they want within that region. Of course, not all of the regions have full-up lists yet, so its not final. But at least it's a start. It looks as if I'll probably be staying in the Baghdad area, but again, that's not certain yet. I won't likely be here on Victory, but at one of the other bases around the city. Again though, still speculation. But at least this time it's informed speculation.

Tomorrow will be the last day of class and then we'll finish up the course with a test on Tuesday. After that its a matter of catching flights or rides to wherever we're going. More later!

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the1stmum210 said...

I can't believe you have to go to class on a holiday. Just kidding! However, I want to thank you for what you and everyone at Camp Victory and in Iraq are doing. I'm proud to know and love you. It's Memorial Day weekend here and I wanted you to know that D-man and I are very proud of you. Stay safe!