14 May 2006

Destination: Baghdad

We mustered at 0130 for our flight to Baghdad, which was on a C-130. They bussed us around the base a few times, generally annoying the many sleep-deprived among us. The flight itself wasn't all that long (less than 90 minutes) but I'll pass on cramped jumpseats in the future!

Once we arrived at Baghdad International Airport ("BIAP"), the Navy folks took us to our new housing, which are (not surprisingly) more tents. Instead of bunks with matresses though, we're privileged to have old cots which don't look very comfortable. Hopefully we'll get started on classes soon and be off to our respective units.

As expected, the food is awesome. Many choices and everything looks good.

The schedule is empty today so my plans are to wonder around this section of the base and figure out where everything else is located. Believe me when I say this base is a very huge and expansive complex.

More to come!

1 comment:

The Troll said...

No worries, your body acclimates to those cots like they do the heat.

Enjoy the rest when you can. I still have the habbit of sleeping when I am idle. No matter what time I woke up that morning.

Looking forward to more reading. Be safe bro.