07 May 2006

Destination: Kuwait

We arrived in Kuwait from Germany on the same United 747 with a different crew. The layover was only about 2.5 hours to refuel the plane, and the flight itself was barely 5 hours.

With the time changes, we arrived at Kuwait International about 0700 and then bused to our current base out in the desert. A "Welcome" brief was about it, and the rest of the day has been ours to begin to acclimate.

The weather is HOT! It was almost 90 degrees when we arrived and reached about 100 degrees today. Now that it's dark it's finally starting to cool off.

The food is good! Better selection than Camp McCrady. Lots of choices and everything looks pretty good.

The housing is OK. A strengthened tent on a concrete pad with bunks, and that's about it. No lockers and not much room for your "stuff". It's air-conditioned, which definitely helps, though!
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