07 May 2006

Destination: Kuwait

We arrived in Kuwait from Germany on the same United 747 with a different crew. The layover was only about 2.5 hours to refuel the plane, and the flight itself was barely 5 hours.

With the time changes, we arrived at Kuwait International about 0700 and then bused to our current base out in the desert. A "Welcome" brief was about it, and the rest of the day has been ours to begin to acclimate.

The weather is HOT! It was almost 90 degrees when we arrived and reached about 100 degrees today. Now that it's dark it's finally starting to cool off.

The food is good! Better selection than Camp McCrady. Lots of choices and everything looks pretty good.

The housing is OK. A strengthened tent on a concrete pad with bunks, and that's about it. No lockers and not much room for your "stuff". It's air-conditioned, which definitely helps, though!


The Troll said...

Greetings Mike,

Dutch posted the link in the forum and thought I would drop a line. You are going to be chewing up the same sand I did back in 90-91. I am sure things are allot less primitive there these days.

I will add this blog to the list on my blog so I can keep a steady read on how you are doing. The wife and I will surely keep you, your family, and all the other guys/gals over there in our prayers. I also look forward to the usual banter on the forum.

Stay safe bro,


noid said...


Keep your armor on, head down, and rifle ready. Shoot me your APO address to noid [at] 23 [dot] org and we'll keep you well supplied in beef jerky (a common request from my friends in the region) and anything else you may need from the states.


Dutch said...


Our thoughts go to you and your family, and we'll keep you in our prayers for the next year, while you serve your country, and the ideals of freedom and equality for all.
Out of sight != out of mind.

If you or your family needs anything that we can send from Denmark, you just holler and we'll ship it ASAP.
(Blonde danish girls not included in that offer... ;))

Stay safe in the sandbox, and keep any and all bodyparts outside the firingline of the tangos.

-Dutch and family

AlxRogan said...


Keep safe, you'll be missed on the DC forums. If you find yourself in SE Texas for some reason, let me know and the beer will be cold and free.

Thanks for your service.


scruge said...

I would have never expected you to take wardriving literally to the next level.
Be sure to post your drives on wigle. =grin=

Stay safe.