03 May 2006

Fort Jackson, Day 10

Day Ten of NIACT was a long and hot one! Because of the long schedule we didn't have PT in the morning. We went immediately to a section of Camp McCrady north of the barracks area which is set up for urban combat. Over the course of the entire day, we rotated through four stations which each lasted about 2 hours.

Our group started off with a room-clearing exercise. We learned how to clear a room with a team of 4 (or 5, or 6...) people, providing entry, clearing, rear security, exiting, etc. After a lesson and walkthrough, we loaded blanks and cleared rooms with cardboard "bad guys" (although there were some "locals" who we weren't supposed to shoot!).

The next station was broken up into two parts: Individual Movement Training (IMT) and squad-based tactics. IMT involved crawling through the sand at different positions and speeds depending upon the enemy's position and your objective. There was also a blank-firing exercise involved. The second part was squad-based tactics, where our group was broken down into three squads and further into two fire teams in each squad.

After lunch we moved to the grenade training station which involved throwing practice grenades from the standing, kneeling, and prone positions. The practice grenades make a popping bang sound so you at least get the effect that the grenade went off, but of course there is no shrapnel so no one would get hurt!

The final station of the day was convoy preparation for tomorrow's final exercise. We broke our group into four squads each with two fire teams, and planned a platoon-level exercise which involves a convoy, ambush, and urban combat operation. We will be using Miles gear which is basically laser tag gear instead of shooting blanks. Of course, this means you can be "killed" if your gear goes off.

Also, we'll be doing a land navigation exercise and something else that I can't seem to recall (see tomorrow's post for an update on that!).

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