04 May 2006

Fort Jackson, Day 11 (and some bad news, at least for now...)

Day Eleven of NIACT was another long day! Our group started early by meeting at 0615 for the final convoy preparations. We spent about two hours finalizing the plans, then mounted up the trucks. There were a few small firefights on the way to "Coopertown" (urban combat area), but nothing major. Once we unmounted on the outskirts of town, we began taking more "casualties", but overall we probably did a decent job.

After the convoy we went to the land navigation site (where I stayed the rest of the day for reasons I'll get to in a second). After a short brief, we navigated from a starting point through three different locations using a compass and pacing our steps. Just as we were returning back, I noticed that my kevlar hemlet had been knocked off my belt. I retraced my steps for about 15 minutes, but couldn't find it.

Several Drill Sergeants conducted a search of the suspected area but also came up empty. When the next group arrived for the land navigation, two Drill Sergeants and I accompanied a group that was navigating to the same points our group had covered. Despite a pretty exhaustive search, we were still unable to find it.

My plan is to get back over to the land navigation site early on (first light if possible) Friday morning. Hopefully I'll be able to find some volunteers to assist in the search. I'm confident that with some assistance we can find it. If not, I'm not looking forward to having to pay for a new one if that is what it comes to! And then even if I do, hopefully I can get a replacement tomorrow and not have to wait til the next group comes in for gear issue.

Say a prayer that one of the later groups found the kevlar helmet and if not, that we can find it early on tomorrow. I definitely need the help this time around.
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