01 May 2006

Fort Jackson, Day 8

Day Eight was devoted exclusively to classroom training. After more running at PT (another 1.5 mile group ability run), we were off to the classroom (the chapel this time) for a full morning of first aid classes. This was a pretty basic review, covering what to do when encountering a casualty on the battlefield. After lunch, it was back to the classroom for basic land navigation including use of a compass, map and grid coordinates (in the Navy we call maps "charts" and we use Lat/Long, so grid coordinates are basically foreign to us). This was to prepare us for a practical exercise on Thursday afternoon. We also reviewed GPS and basic comms procedures and use of the SINCGARS radio (the most common radio used for Army ground communications).

Tomorrow morning will be a convoy class preparing us for a practical exercise on Thursday morning. Tomorrow afternoon we'll get to shoot the heavy weapons we learned about on Saturday.

We also got the initial report that we should be leaving this weekend. Three days of training left, the end of NIACT is fast approaching!
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