13 May 2006

A full day off...almost

Today was a full day off, well, almost.

We returned yesterday from Advanced Convoy Training and most people slept in this morning. We didn't have any meetings or musters so that definitely helped, too. Everyone is repacking in earnest for our flight to Baghdad which leaves very early tomorrow morning. The muster time for the flight is considerably in advance of the takeoff time as apparently the flights sometimes go early. We'll see about that. So with an early morning flight and an even earlier muster time, there won't be much sleep had tonight, and thus the almost full day off.

They say you get used to the heat as you acclimate and as tough as I expected it would be, I actually seem to be doing it. It has been 100+ for several days now and it's really not all that bad. There is a breeze, but it has been described (rather accurately) as a hot blow dryer in your face. Still, the body seems to be adjusting well so far. It seems according to the weather that Baghdad is generally a bit cooler than Kuwait, so that should help, too.

Assuming we get settled in Baghdad tomorrow expect the next update from there.

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