16 May 2006

In a holding pattern

Due to the large influx of us to Camp Victory, and the relatively small classroom size, our group has been split up into two sections for our weeklong class. As fate would have it, I'm in the second section, and therefore we'll be staying around a week longer waiting for the first class to finish. The first section starts class tomorrow, so it'll be a week before we do. After the class finishes we should be off to our respective locations relatively quick.

We made our initial selections today as to where we want to go once we finish up in class. There are many more spots to fill than the number of us here, so it seems likely that most people will end up getting something on their list. Whether you want to go to a specific base, go with a specific person, or go to a particular unit, they are at least giving us some say. Of course, the needs of the "Narmy" will prevail.

I was pleasantly surprised to find wireless internet available near our deluxe accommodations so we've been taking advantage of that. It's not free, but then again its not very expensive. I'm sure they'll have something for us to do as we wait for class but I expect they'll be some downtime, too.
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