21 May 2006

Let the fun continue

Since we obviously have nothing more important to do while we're waiting for our section of the class to begin, we have been "employed" in various means to occupy our time and perhaps make the JCCS HQ look a bit better.

The most visible of these jobs has been nightly painting crews, repainting the spaces that have already been painted. Of course, the high quality paint and rollers (if you're not sensing the sarcasm, sense it now) make the job much easier. We also have "groundskeepers" who are supposed to pick up trash around the building and I'm not sure what else, since everything is dirt and sand anyway.

Last night I got to stand watch at the HQ building which runs from 2100 until 0700. Fortunately, it's a sleeping watch, but that doesn't take all the fun away. Our job consists of locking and unlocking the door every time someone comes by the building. Exciting stuff.

The daily explosion rate seems to be holding steady.

As you can probably tell, the excitement is nearly overwhelming, so I'll end this post before too much joy and happiness is extended!
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