30 June 2006

A brutal business

The business of winning this war is a brutal one. A success one day is often followed by a setback the next. Its only over the long run that perhaps we win more days than we lose.

Two days ago I wrote about the success of finding an IED. Yesterday we weren't so lucky. We had two IEDs going off near our soldiers that caused several injuries, fortunately none were life-threatening. But it demonstrates how difficult the situation has become.

The days are long with work but getting more packages the last few days has definitely brought a smile to my face. Three packages have taken a total of 7, 9 and then 6 days to arrive, so its not nearly as bad as I initially thought it might be (given how far out in the middle of nowhere we are).

The high temperatures are nearly constant in the 110s. I must admit I barely even notice it anymore. The nights and mornings are 90s but seem much milder than that.

Well, its about time to watch those final two episodes of 24!
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