04 June 2006

First convoy(s)

I rode in my first convoys yesterday as we headed up to Abu Ghraib to train some soldiers. We left the Brigade and spent about as much time getting to the entry control point (ECP) as we spent "outside the wire." We took a more circuitous route getting there and a more direct route coming back. Neither are particular friendly routes in general, but both trips were completed safely.

The facility itself is pretty desolate. I don't have any pictures because they are not permitted. And since we were training soldiers, I didn't have any contact with any detainees. What I can say is that is was very hot (approximately 120 degrees) and full body armor and kevlar was required at all times while outdoors. That makes it even hotter.

We'll likely be doing more of this type of training over the next few weeks before I eventually head out to Camp Ashraf.
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