28 June 2006

IED found!

I went out on another route clearance and IED hunting mission early this morning. Thanks to the eagle eyes of one of the soldiers, we found an IED before it went off. EOD was called, and as luck would have it, they were out on another call. Eventually they did show up, and a show it was.

The EOD units use robots to get close to the IEDs and examine the device up close and personal. They can also place explosive charges at the IED in order to detonate it. In this case, this was exactly what they did.

Because we left very early this morning (0200) I didn't expect to see much daylight, so I didn't bring my camera (and neither did anyone else, of course). That was too bad, as I had a front row seat (ok, about 100 meters away) to the controlled detonation. Let me just say that it was pretty cool, and I am severely disappointed that I didn't have a camera. However, I suspect this won't be the last time.

One less explosive device for the bad guys...
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