22 June 2006

Next destination

Today's posting originates from Balad Air Base, otherwise known as Logistical Support Area (LSA) Anaconda. Compared to Ashraf, Balad is huge. There are four DFACs (three of which we've seen today) and bigger PX and MWR facilities. There is also a Regional Support Center (RSC) for us which supports our equipment. What I can't modify or fix will come here to the RSC to get fixed or replaced.

The food is comparable to everywhere else we've been. As this is an air base, the Air Force is everywhere. It is said that Balad is the second busiest single runway airport in the world, to Heathrow (London). It is also referred to as "Mortaritaville" as the insurgents like to lob mortars over the walls quite frequently. Fortunately, there haven't been any today, and we're taking off soon!

The best part of this trip, though, was that I got to drive for the first time outside the wire. It was and will be an experience to remember...
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