13 June 2006

President Bush makes surprise visit

As I walked back to my tent after lunch, I noticed the distinct shape of a Boeing 747 on final approach to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). My first thought was that it was Air Force One. While I couldn't make out the jet, the most immediate thoughts that came to mind were that 747s are a rare sight at BIAP (I haven't seen one before); the political environment would be right for the President to make a "surprise" visit (he last did visited during Thanksgiving 2004) because of recent events. I filed the possibility into my mind and then promptly forgot about it.

I was pleasantly surprised then, on the news during dinner, to see that President Bush actually did visit today (whether that was Air Force One, I can't be sure, but the timetable fits). He took a Blackhawk to the International Zone (IZ) to meet Prime Minister Maliki. I'm not sure if he plans to stop back here at Victory on his way back, but it would be nice. I don't expect to see him though, as the entire time on the ground was supposed to be less than 5 hours.

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