10 June 2006

Travel plans

After having spent the past week or so at Camp Victory, the travel plans are now being finalized for my move to Camp Ashraf. That will likely be sometime within the next week (exact day and time withheld for obvious OPSEC reasons).

Some of the equipment we've been looking forward to getting should be arriving with the next couple of weeks. Should. I'll believe it when I see it in my hands. It would really be helpful to have it, since I pretty much need it to do my job. I wish I could go into further details...

There was no mail pickup today so even if my package arrived at the post office, I didn't get it. Once again I'll hope tomorrow is the day. I should find out in the early afternoon.

After a week or so of 110+ degree temperatures, it has "cooled off" a bit into the 106-108 degree range. Surprisingly, that little bit has actually made a difference. Hopefully it will stay that way for the near future.
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