08 July 2006

Busy, busy...

Work has been very busy the last week or so and kept everyone on their toes. For the same reason I haven't been able to get over to MWR very much to check my email and update my blog. I'm have some limited success in getting access in my office, and there might be a chance of getting access at my desk, so that looks promising. It will certainly be easier than lugging my laptop over to MWR twice a day (MWR has computers, very old laptops with missing keys; my old laptop is new and speedy compared to them).

I've spent a good deal of time doing training and teaching classes. I also keep inventory of our equipment and update that as necessary. When something breaks, its off to LSAA to get fixed. I also like to get the equipment over there as a matter of routine, for preventative maintenance. If we can head off problems before they occur, all the better.

I've also tried to expand my role a little to not just counter-RCIED matters but counter-IED. And that's more than just semantics. While Electronic Warfare is my specialty here and my core job, I've also found a niche to fill as the counter-IED expert. It also helps to have a Sergeant Major to work with who can get things done! Sometimes the companies are leary about handing over keys to their vehicles to some Navy LT. The Sergeant Major doesn't have that problem, as you might expect!

The weather is still holding steady in the 110s and is agreeably comfortable if it stays this way for the entire summer. I suspect it will heat up further, but right now I can deal with it!
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