03 July 2006


As I wrote about earlier, there was a band called Hollowell that performed here tonight (in fact, they're still going on now, over two hours after they started). As I also mentioned before, I had never heard of this band before (and being an alternative rock band, that makes sense).

But that is really besides the point. The real issue here is that this band dropped whatever they were doing and came to Iraq, to Ashraf, to perform for us. We will probably never get a Toby Keith here, but the fact that they came here is really, really cool.

I have no idea if they get paid for this sort of thing. I imagine they get expenses paid for, but that's probably it. I'm pretty sure they don't make out beyond that. So it demonstrates the commitment that these artists have to the troops overseas.

I also recent found out that the country duo Montgomery Gentry was here in March. Too bad I missed that one! I would have enjoyed every minute of that concert. Apparently there were about 40 people there (about the same as tonight), which was probably everyone on the FOB who wasn't either sleeping or working. Were they disappointed that only 40 people showed up? Of course not. They were thrilled that they could entertain 40 people. Now that is just cool.

A concert is certainly not an everyday occurence here, but I look forward to the next time someone comes this far to show how they feel...
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