13 July 2006

Long days...

One of my ongoing jobs is to maintain the systems that I oversee. If they are not working correctly, I need to figure out why, and then fix it (duh!). If its something I can't do, then it has to go to the Regional Support Center (RSC), of which I've talked about before. The nearest RSC is at LSAA, and since we go there often, its not a big deal to get there.

One of our vehicles has been exhibiting some very interesting behavior. Of course, it's not one of those errors that is easily diagnosed; it is more of an intermittent problem, and on top of that, while I can duplicate it, I can't figure out how to duplicate it. Have I lost you already?! I thought so (it would be so much easier if OPSEC wasn't an issue and I didn't have to tip-toe around the classification issue tree).

Anyways, a very early start (as usual) and a safe trip began our long day to LSAA. After arriving and a quick breakfast, I took the vehicle to the RSC where there is a representative dedicated to this system (by the way, its very nice to have someone like that whose only job is to fix your stuff). We spent a few hours trying to figure out the problem, trying to duplicate the error, and then blowing out the box with compressed air (as you can imagine, the dust here gets everywhere, even inside seemingly closed boxes inside of a Humvee).

We duplicated the problem a couple of times, but couldn't figure out how we duplicated it. Which means more testing is warranted. Of course, there is no easy answer!

The afternoon was much nicer. Really. I found the pool at Anaconda, and I spent about two hours enjoying the water (with a lot of sunscreen, of course). It was, surprisingly (to me at least), not crowded, although I did note that concrete gets really hot in 120+ degree heat (read: next time, bring sandals). I'll bring the camera into work tomorrow morning and post a picture of this very nice facility which I had the opportunity to enjoy!

Now having found pools at both the Embassy and LSAA, I'm thinking of adding pool inspector to my job description, just to make sure all the pools in Iraq are operating safely...Just kidding, of course!

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