24 July 2006

Luxuries of the Third World

Iraq uses 220V power (as opposed to the US which uses 110V), and their plugs are different. So to use "American" stuff you need two things: conversion from 220V to 110V (most power adapters, like those with a laptop, accept 100-240V thus eliminating this requirement), and an adapter to physically change from a 110V plug to a 220V plug.

Some places are lucky enough to have both 110V and 220V, and our shop is a good example. We have both the local 220V system and the "standard" 110V "US" system.

However, our 110V system is run off a generator as opposed to the power grid, and this generator occasionally needs maintenance. Tonight was one of those times.

Not only does my laptop use this 110V system, but so does our internet. So I headed back to the room for a couple of hours and enjoyed some extra reading time. I'm currently making my way through Tom Clancy's Clear and Present Danger.

You'd think Third World power outtages were common (and they are), but after reading articles about power outtages in New York City, St. Louis, and California, it seems its not much different than in the states!
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