04 July 2006

A mixed bag

Today is certainly a mixed bag as far as days go around here. On one hand, its the 4th of July, Independence Day, there are decorations around the FOB and we had a concert last night. The Space Shuttle is scheduled to launch today, and the daily EOD controlled explosion (normally at 9am) has been moved to tonight for the "fireworks" effect. I know for sure I will miss being with my wife and kids at Central PA 4th Fest, which is one of the nation's biggest fireworks displays.

On the other hand, if you didn't look at your watch or calendar, you just might think today is just like any other day. And mostly, it is. A day off at home does not mean a day off in a combat zone. Operations continue at the same pace they always seem to move. There is no stopping for a holiday. Life goes on...
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