22 July 2006

Saturday Night Fights

Boxing at Camp Ashraf was an unparalled success!

The rules were as follows: 3 rounds at 2 minutes each, with a minute break in between. There were 9 matches, including one match between females.

A few observations:

Several of the matches featured opponents who were not very close in weight. This is tempered by the fact that there aren't all that many fighters to go around, so they probably matched them up as well as they could. Even so, the underweight fighters held their own.

Virtually every match featured the two fighters expending all of their energy in the first round, which lead to a lot of standing around in the second and third rounds. And keep in mind, these are soldiers and Marines (and Bulgarians) in peak physical shape. It seemed to me that if you can conserve your energy in the first round, you have half the fight won already. But that's just me (and I won't be getting in the ring anytime soon)!

Finally, the crowd was enthusiastic, and was by far the biggest turnout I've seen for any time of event here at Ashraf. Several hundred people turned out, probably everyone who wasn't already on watch or working. I have no doubt that everyone had a great time, and is looking forward to next week's Saturday Night Fights!
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