21 July 2006

This should be good...

On a small FOB, you can get bored pretty easily. To combat that, all sorts of distractions are invented (mostly by MWR): ping pong, video games, movies, chess, volleyball, basketball, and of course there is a tournament for everything.

A couple of weeks ago a new slab of concrete was laid, which I thought was for a new building. No, I found out a few days later, they were in fact building a wrestling/boxing ring. Really. An elevated platform with ropes and turnbuckles. At first, I thought maybe WWE or something similar was stopping by (they have in the past, although to bigger FOBs). But a few days ago I learned the real purpose: MWR-sponsored boxing. Oh, yes.

Today were the "weigh-ins" (presumably to match up people of similar weights), and tomorrow night the bouts begin. I am definitely taking my camera along to this one. It should be good, for both the competitiveness and the humor.

And by the way, no, I'm not boxing!

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karen mccoy said...

is there going to be any betting?