04 July 2006

"We" have a homepage

So you ask me, what exactly is it that you do? As you might be able to tell, I don't exactly give all that much away in my posts. Fortunately, our command (Joint CREW Composite Squadron One or JCCS-1) put up an unclassified web page, so you can go there and try to figure out what I do (I'm still not sure myself). JCCS-1 is counter-RCIED (that is, radio-controlled IED).
Some vets will recognize the crow as a symbol associated with Electronic Warfare (thus, the Association of Old Crows). The lightning bolt is on the patch of most EA-6B Prowler squadrons and is also closely linked to electronic warfare. "Si aerem moderaris vincis" translates roughly from Latin, "He who owns the spectrum prevails." (Surprisingly, there is no Latin word for "electromagnetic spectrum!" I believe "aerem" basically means air or atmosphere).

The second graphic is for Task Force Troy, the organization to which JCCS-1 belongs. TF Troy is counter-IED (not just radio-controlled). They have a much cooler patch:
The "Spy vs. Spy" theme is nicely done.

The patch graphics are courtesy of (or, blatently stolen from, with appropriate credit) Dan at The Desert Periscope, another Iraq blogger.
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