03 July 2006

"We love the USA"

The decorations that went up in the DFAC the last day or two proclaiming that "We love the USA" caused me to look at my watch and realize we are in fact in July and that the 4th is quickly approaching.

There is a "concert" tonight by some band I have never heard of, and can't recall their name even after seeing the flyers posted around the FOB. If I get off work before then, I just might check it out just to see what its all about.

Fortunately its been pretty quiet the last couple of days after a few hectic days. In this business a quiet day is a very good day.

Lately I've been checking out the websites of some of the employers I'd like to eventually work for (mostly federal law enforcement types). Most, if not all, of them are hiring now, and hopefully they'll be hiring a year from now when I'm seriously looking for jobs (assuming I decide to get out at the end of my "shore" tour, which is where I'm leaning at the moment). I have to decide, so my goal is to assemble as much information as possible now so that I can make the best decision down the road when the time comes.

Of course, if you're hiring and you pay well, give me a shout. :-)
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