01 August 2006

Internet down...and back up

As you might expect, the international nature of a system such as the Internet means that the plague of computers, the virus and worm, is not limited to industrial countries, but spreads everywhere. Such was the case yesterday.

Someone at the satellite ISP notified us that there was a virus or worm circulating on our system. They told us they would shut us off until we found it. So of course we shut ourselves off, and begun a (way too long) process to ensure everyone's computers were scanned with the latest virus scanner.

Now about 24 hours later, the Internet is working again, and new IP addresses have been assigned to prevent "unauthorized" access to the network. How about MAC filters? It's not perfect, but it will help prevent the internet "stealing" associated with unplugging someone's computer and plugging in your own (this is the suspected route of transmission, although no one knows for sure).
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