06 August 2006

Media vs. Bloggers

This article shows two things: first, the influence of the media, and second, the growing power of bloggers. Reuters ran a photo of smoke billowing from buildings in Lebanon, and bloggers (particularly in the U.S.) spotted the obvious manipulation. The photo on the link is small, but you can see that the plumes of smoke have been enhanced and multiplied for effect. Reuters pulled the pic (the new photo is also in the article).

Reuters is a major international news agency and has the power to influence opinion with its photos and stories. On the other hand, eagle-eyed bloggers spotted the "Photo-chopped" image and quickly rose the "BS" flag.

Also, here is an article about how the international news media is concentrating on casualties in Lebanon and all but ignoring casualties in Israel.

Just another way the news media skews what you see.
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