19 August 2006

Satellite update

The ISS was to appear about an hour after sunset, so there was still some glow left over from the sun. However, its reported brightness was to be -1.7, basically brighter than anything else in the sky. And it didn't disappoint.

Right on cue (I shouldn't be amazed that the satellite predictors are accurate), the ISS appeared above the southwestern horizon. Initially it wasn't as bright, but passed by Virgo (or Jupiter, I couldn't tell) and continued to brighten. As it passed, it was by far the brightest object in the sky.

I tried to find Lacrosse 2, but it was dim (3.4), it was hazy, and pretty low on the horizon. No such luck.

I did however find another: the Cosmos 2214 Rocket which was also 3.4. It passed right by the Big Dipper, and then close to overhead, so even as dim as it was, I was able to find it (barely!).
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