05 August 2006

Saturday Night Fights, Week 3

Two weeks ago we started out boxing with nine matches. Last week, it dropped to four. Not knowing what to expect, I thought that perhaps we were already running very quickly through our list of potential fighters and the numbers would stay low. Boy was I wrong!

We saw eleven fights tonight and the crowd was as loud as ever. Four fights came down to the judges (of which I have now apparently become a permanent fixture!), and three of those four were unanimous decisions. I voted with the majority on the fourth, but the losing corner was not so happy with the result. The losing fighter dominated the first round thoroughly, but tired quickly and was a non-factor in the second round. He tried to recover in the second half of the third round to no avail. He was trying to throw a lot of punches, but very few were landing. And that of course, is the key to scoring. You can throw twice as many or three times as many punches as your opponent, and while it might look to the crowd as if you're winning, if you're not landing those punches, it's just wasted energy.

Another fun night of fights to occupy our time here at Ashraf!

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Kym said...

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know I finally got around to adding your link to my blog, My Boyfriend, the Sailor, is in Iraq...

I hope all is well...stay safe!