03 August 2006

Some changes

If you were really paying attention to this blog (and some of you have!), you would have noticed a slight difference in the display of the other blog links over there --> in the right column. Instead of editing the Blogger template directly, I am using a list created at BlogRolling.com. I also added the capability to show you when the blogs on the list were updated, in this case, you see "Updated!" which means it was updated within the last 24 hours. I'm trying to get it to display the little yellow "NEW!" graphic, but I'm not quite there yet.

Right below that is a link entitled "Who links to me?" Appropriately enough, this links to the website who links to me, which displays other pages that have my link on them.

I thought about changing my blog template to a different one, and then thought better of it when I realized all my customizations would be lost. So I guess I'll just keep playing with this template and keep trying to improve it, rather than change it.

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