16 September 2006

First half update

Halftime score: Penn State 20, Youngstown State 0

I should also point out that with 5 minutes to go in the second quarter, Michigan is beating Notre Dame 27-7. I can't say I really want either team to win (Michigan being a tough Big Ten opponent and ND beating us up badly last week), but given the non-conference matchup and what I think was poor sportsmanship in the coaching last week by Charlie Weis, I'm pulling for Michigan in this one. Don't expect to see me rooting for Michigan all that often (except maybe against Ohio State!).

The first half of the game (at least the first quarter) was mildly embarrassing.

On one hand, Penn State racked up 325 yards of offense while the defense has held Youngstown State to a mere 11. Tony Hunt has nearly 100 yards in the first half alone. Anthony Scirrotto also picked off a pass, which I figured the Nittany Lions would do if the defense forced the run-first Penguins to throw the ball more often. I don't even think Youngstown State has even run an offensive play on Penn State's side of the field.

On the other hand, the score (which is of course the most important statistic of them all) is 20-0 (all 20 points scored in the 2nd quarter), and one of those touchdowns was courtesy of a 76-yard run by freshman A.J. Wallace (who is looking more and more like Derrick Williams did last year). I would have expected the Nittany Lions to score twice that (even in the first half) given their potent offense against a weak opponent. The other TD came on a short 3-play, 23-yard drive after Scirrotto's INT.

Penn State smartly saved their timeouts and used them to good effect in stopping the clock with under two minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. This allowed them to get the ball back with good field position (the YS 48) and put an additional FG on the board before halftime.

By all accounts (except perhaps the score), this game is a already blowout. Let's hope the Nittany Lions don't let the Penguins hang around.
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